What are the requirements for the performance of mountaineering clothing fabrics?

2023-07-19 08:44:42 嘉兴市邦林纺织品有限公司 Viewd 91

In order to meet the needs of mountaineering, there are also certain performance standards for the fabrics of mountaineering suits. A good mountaineering suit fabric should meet:

1. Waterproof: mountaineering may encounter bad weather, and in order to keep the human body dry, it is necessary to separate the body from the waterproof outer layer and keep away from moisture.

2. Breathable: mountaineering is a physically demanding sport, and there will be a lot of sweat in the process of mountaineering. Therefore, mountaineering suits should choose fabrics with good breathability and quick-drying.

3. Wear resistance: For outdoor mountaineering, the wear resistance, tensile and tear resistance of mountaineering clothing fabrics are all demanding.

4. Keep warm: outdoor mountaineering is windy, especially in the process of climbing mountains, the colder you climb up, so the design of mountaineering clothing should have good warmth.

5. Lightness: Although bulky mountaineering clothing has better protection performance, it also puts more pressure on mountain climbers. Therefore, mountaineering clothing fabrics are developing towards lightweight.